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Update 14 - Cargo City North Update

By: Fnni5

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That's new

We're glad to announce that after months of dedicated effort, we've enriched our expansive airport landscape with exciting new parts of the airport. Our focus? The vibrant "Cargo City North" in the northern cargo area.

As you taxi towards the western runway 18 via Taxiways N or L, or even while embarking on a cargo flight, you'll witness an array of hand-crafted buildings that bring the cargo hub to life.

At the heart of Cargo City, you'll find the Perishable Center, a state-of-the-art powerhouse in cargo distribution. It's a highly efficient handling and dispatching over 120 tons of perishable goods annually.

Prepare to dive into the electrifying world of cargo in MSFS like never before!

Highlighting our commitment to realism, we've replicated the Lufthansa Cargo building with incredible accuracy, guided by our detailed reference shots.

FexEx being a high value customer of all of us to receive our packages for christmas, we couldn't miss on recreating the FexEx Building in the Cargo City North.

Added Value Objects

We've also crafted numerous custom models, from waste and ULD containers to bespoke fences, meticulously placed throughout the scenery.

New GSX Version

But that's not all! We've revamped the GSX profile for cargo stands, adding layers of depth and authenticity to your experience. Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming update in Cargo City North, and be the first to explore these enhancements in your simulator. Once available, we will also add push and pull procedures along with a nice addition. Stay tuned for the revamped GSX-Profile!



  • FexEx Building
  • Apron Maintenance Building (between TWY N and L)
  • Parking P58
  • Perishable Center
  • Time Matters
  • Several Jetways around Terminal 1 A
  • Lufthansa Cargo Buildings
  • Added Gate Signs V142 - V144


  • Several Light Masts
  • Several Objects around the Airport
  • GSX-Profile

Bug Fixes

  • Missing Taxiway Connection on TWY P fixed. This will enable correct taxiing of AI Traffic.
  • Taxiway Lights M13

Introducing Our New Roadmap

You may have noticed a slower pace in our past development. This observation sparked a transformative rethink in our update release strategy. While we're not setting strict timelines just yet, rest assured that each update will revolve around a specific theme, like the "Cargo City North" update.

Our updated roadmap is a testament to this new direction, visible on our website's roadmap section:

Upcoming updates promise to evolve our scenery, and we're making swift progress in bringing these visions to life. Once again, no strict timelines nor "estimations" on when each update will be released. If you wish to receive the update as quickly as possible, please read further.

For now, we leave you with these tantalizing glimpses of what's to come.

And here's an exciting opportunity:

We want you!

To fulfill our ambitious roadmap and accelerate our update cycle, we're on the lookout for skilled 3D Modellers. If you're eager to get early access to virtualFRA versions and contribute your unique creations to the simulator, join our fabulous and lovely team!

Reach out to us on Discord for this exciting collaboration opportunity.